Cohen Lab

Cohen Lab

UNC-CH Department of Psychology & Neuroscience
Directed by Dr. Jessica Cohen

Oregon Research Institute

Eating Disorders Lab at ORI

Oregon Research Institute
Directed by Dr. Eric Stice

Kanoski Lab

Kanoski Lab

Department of Biological Sciences/Neuroscience Graduate Program, University of Southern California
Directed by Dr. Scott Kanoski

Mumford Brain Stats

Mumford Brain Stats

Center for Healthy Minds, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Directed by Dr. Jeanette Mumford

John B. Pierce Laboratory

Neuropsychology and Physiology of Flavor and Feeding

The John B. Pierce Laboratory/Yale University
Directed by Dr. Dana M. Small

Obesity & Environmental Group

Obesity & Environmental Group

UNC-CH Department of Nutrition/Carolina Population Center
Directed by Dr. Penny Gordon-Larsen

Penn State

The Metabolic Kitchen and Children’s Eating Behavior Laboratory

Departments of Nutritional and Food Science, Pennsylvania State University
Directed by Dr. Kathleen L. Keller


Renaissance Computing Institute (RENCI)

RENCI develops and deploys advanced technologies to enable research discoveries and practical innovations. RENCI provides considerable support to our lab with utilization of high-speed computing and data storage for fMRI analyses and is a key partner in our developing open science endeavors.

Additional organizations of interest

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